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This game is set approximately 200 years after the collapse of the economy. Most of the world has reverted to feudalism, but one island is re-industrialising under the tutelage of a supercomputer originally built to avert the collapse. This 'kingdom' has received a distress signal from another island assailed by strange forces. The kingdom's agents must uncover where these forces originate from and defeat them so that they can convince the island to become their vassals.

This is a steampunk RPG. Most communities in this world are neo-medieval, but have preserved relics from the technological age which preceded them. The protagonists' community has redeveloped to roughly our technological level. Although the plot and world is dark, it's also a comedy. It's also the prequel to a book I wrote earlier, 'Rise of the Iron Sun', which is available online for free (https://www.booksie.com/489562-rise-of-the-iron-sun).

The main game mechanic I use is making all skills be provided by your equipped items, as in a little-known game called Card Quest. Equipping a pistol provides the player several small-arms tactics, for instance; equipping an axe provides more reckless techniques. Once these skills are balanced I'm going to make equipment level up with use and unlock new skills for the player.

Any feedback and bug reports would be appreciated, and if you want to join the project, let me know!


- Optional voiceovers for most NPC dialogue.
- A morality-based reputation system.
- Quest, reputation, skill, and battle guides.
- Infrequent yet challenging random encounters.
- Equipment provides characters with skills.
- 200+ items, weapons, armours, and skills.
- 100+ music tracks.
- 35+ quests.
- 10+ hours of gameplay.



Tanner Helland
Ove Melaa


Simon Marler (mansion guard, fisherman, Barkstone, Barkstone's son, drunkard, hermit, waiter, senile man)
Frances Marler (outlaw, CEO's receptionist, CEO's wife, bag lady, female farmer, horse breeder, healed woman)
Brendan McGorry (Minister Sasaki, mansion ministers, illiterate man, wall guard, outer prison guard, right-most lumberjack)
Kevin McGorry (blacksmith, drunkard's dog, mechanical man, cursed tower door, inner dungeon guard)
Oskar Lottermoser (right-most veteran, duelist, priest, middle lumberjack, sewer mayor's guard, plantation worker)
Aaliya Nelly (Airi, flashlight girl, liquid emporium girl, beach singer)
Oliver Sanders (eastern boss, left-most lumberjack)
Andrew Anderson (eastern guard, barracks soldiers)
Helen Holmes (Enthusiastic logging employee, Chiharu.)
Natalie Miles (Tepid Bath's old woman, logging student, harpy)
Mark Thornton (bard, curator)
Tristan Marler (butcher, gambling lumberjack)
Giorgi Meladze (sewer mayor, scientist)
James Shaw (pig man, CEO)
Michael McGorry (weapon trader)
Paul Hickman (roof soldier)


Yanfly (SkillCore, InstantCast, AbsorptionBarrier, BattleAICore, BattleBgmControl, BuffsStatesCore, RegionRestrictions, BattleEngineCore, ClassChangeCore, ForceAdvantage, X_AnimatedSVEnemies, X_Subclass, X_VisualHpGauge, X_InBattleStatus, X_TurnOrderDisplay)
Galv (BasicEventShadows, MenuFade, MessageSoundEffects, StationaryTurn, TerrainBattlebacks)
Hime (BattleExpDistribution, BattleWeather, EnemyReinforcements, OverridingStates)
SumRndmDde (AudioFader, BattleBackScroll, MasterVolume, MetronomeSkill, SellShop, SummonCore)
mjshi (Wuxing)
Sasuke Kannazuki (WeaponSkill)
Nilo K. (KhasCore, KhasGraphics, KhasAdvancedFog, KhasUltraLighting)
Yoji Ojima (AltSaveScreen)


Pandamaru (tilesets)


Oliver Sanders (editing enemy battlers)
Alisha McLennan Marler (map design)


Giorgi Meladze
Charlie Thornton
James Shaw

V.1.5 Change Log

- Added an optional tutorial battle.
- Added a second skill for all accessories.
- Added armour system to the game.
- Expanded reputation system.
- Created upper floors to buildings.
- Created new NPCs.
- Finished school puzzle.
- Added more chests to outside maps.
- Added animation speed option.
- Created Eastern Edge area.
- Most battles now contain text and special events.
- All NPCs now have at least two different pieces of dialogue.
- Made each soldier’s and minister’s dialogue unique.
- Improved map names.
- Expanded common landscape feature descriptions.


reclamation1.5_mac.zip 1 GB

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